Npower Salary Structure: How Much They Are Paid in 2020

Npower complete guide and salary structure

Npower is a program that as designed by the Nigerian Government as a Stimulus plan to help curb the socio-economic distress in Nigeria. In Nigeria, there is a very high rate of unemployment. And you would definitely agree that unemployment is force that can give birth to a lot of mal social standards in Nigeria. Where there is unemployment, there is domestic violence, and everything that defines a bad society.

The npower has been proffered by the Nigerian government as the solution to all this challenges with the youth. But how sustainable is the program? How can it cater for the news of those that would be indulged in it. In the course of this article, we would be looking at the salary of the npower employees. At least let us get a full grasp of the payment structure of the Npower. Without further ado, lets delve in.

Npower salary structure 2020

Like I stated earlier, the Npower program is a program that is worth commending. It has shown light in the dark for Nigerian youths. In Nigeria, there are so many jobless citizens that are living below the poverty  line. This is due to either shear ignorance or lack of opportunity. The Npower offers both on a platter of gold. As an unemployed youth, you can learn some new skill and still be paid stipends by the Nigerian government.  Let’s see a breakdown of how much the Nigerian government pays youth that are engaged in Npower.  Before I continue, it would be noteworthy to say that the Npower has different broad categories. Here is a break down of the salary structure of the Npower program. with this information, you would learn about how much Npower employees are paid.

Npower programeMonthly salary
N-teach28k-30k NGN
N -Agro25-30k NGN
N-health30-40k NGN
N-Creative10-30k NGN
N-Tech20-40k NGN
N-Build27-30k NGN

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Do you know that knowledge and skill are the forces that drive national development? With Npower, Nigeria’s young demography can be resourcefully harnessed. Imagine accomplishing large scale skill development now and in the nearby future. That would be one of the greatest miracles that happened to the nation Nigeria. Npower is the boldest front Nigeria made in trying to curb the collasal problem of unemployment in the nation. The major objective is to move people up from below the poverty line across the middle class.

With the modular packages of the Npower, each participant would learn something that would help him to become resourcelful in the society. Outside just helping people to improve, the Npower and its salary scale is a beautiful way of pumping money into circulation. This can in turn act as a boost to the economy.

In subsequent paragraphs, we wluld be looking at all the subcategories of the Npower from a broader perrpective.


God has blessed Nigeria with a  lot of resources, but that blessing has had some side effects. As a nation, we have forgotten the gold standard. Agriculture is the gold standard of Nigeria. The number one econometric used in measuring development is the ability of a nation to feed itself. the goal of the N Agro program is to raise volunteers that will render advisory Services to Farmers across Nigeria.  They will share information that has been put together by the federal ministry of Agriculture in the scope of extension services. Applicants without a bachelor’s or master’s degree can apply for the n-power subcategory. 

When employed by the government under n agro program, the participants would go to an induction training. After this training, they will be deployed to go and work. Duration of the program is just two years. after the program, you can go ahead and continue your career in agriculture you so wish. you can decide to be a farm manager, an agricultural extension services consultant, and agripreneur etc

N Health

 In Nigeria,  there are lots of Citizens that are vulnerable health-wise.  We are talking about  Pregnant women, children and elderly people.  As an N health employee, your program will be all about rendering improvement and preventive Healthcare to Communities that you would be designated to. The essential requirements of n health differs a lot from other sub-categories. This is because a lot of expertise is required in the Healthcare world.  some of the requirements as par discipline include;  medical laboratory technology, pharmacy technology, health education, environmental health technology, midwifery,  nursing,  microbiology, biochemistry,  biology and agricultural science.  You need to have attended either a school of health technology, you know School, a midwifery school, a university or a every other program,  the n health subcategory last for 2 years and the participants here also undergo induction training before deployment