best ewallet app in africa: chipper app review

Now on our exclusive review of chipper  paid you app

Chipper is an android app that has hit the Nigerian cybersphere with a strong money wave. just a week ago some app users of the e-wallet platform found out that they can earn up to 250 per person referral on the platform.

Upon the verification of your BVN, you get up to 250 naira that is withdrawable instata! Also referring users gets you users and if they do same you earn 75 nairas.

I know what you might be thinking right now, what on earth would you be doing with 250 referring people all the time? well if you are a guru in the social media marketing or you have a notch for online publicity then you can gain from this!.   Imagine going to a Facebook group of 500k members and dropping your referral URL for the whole group to download the app and start earning. Imagine that! What is 1000 people just register under your URL, well that’s 250k  naira in this very hard country, think about it?

Fun fact is “ chipper just paid you app” only works well if you are registered under someone. tips- download the app, then follow my referral link and activate your account the start earning. There is no registration fee just your indulgence and you are set on an earning spree.

Now that you know what the app is all about lets run an in-app review

First off, outside using the app to refer people and earn withdrawable 250 naira all the time, the app has other cool feature one of which is it’s ability to help you send and request money

This is where most of the fun happens! Once you have selected a recipient, this screen is where you enter the amount you want to send or request, type in a brief note, and fire away!

Did you know that you could nose dive into a very interactive chipper profile app if you wanted?

Your Profile:

The profile section of your app is where you go to do a number of things. You can edit your name and profile picture on this screen simply by tapping either.

You can also Deposit and Withdraw money into your Chipper Wallet by using the “Add Cash” and “Cash Out” buttons. Another important feature on this screen is the ability to link multiple Mobile Money accounts to your Chipper Wallet. To do this, simply tap the “Linked Accounts” button.

Apart from earning 250 from chipper, how else does Chipper work?

Chipper is easy to use. You can use Chipper receive and to send money to and from anyone within our coverage area for free. We do not charge any fees whatsoever so any amount can be sent by you, and there is not any amount. To add money to a Chipper wallet, you can “Cash In” by incorporating money from your mobile money account in to your Chipper wallet. When you try to put in cash you’ll be given a prompt on your phone to approve the petition. As soon as you accept this instant, Chipper will transfer the money from the Mobile Money account to your Chipper wallet. When the cash is on your Chipper wallet, you can send it to anybody at no charge. You can also transfer money from the Chipper wallet back to your money account that is cellular. To do this, simply enter the quantity you want to”Cash out” and tap the money Out button at the Chipper app. The money will be sent right to your cellular money account.

Check out some FAQs- frequently asked questions to get  a deep insight for yourself .

Just how much does it cost to use Chipper?

Chipper always will be and is 100% free to use. We do not charge any fees to send cash to someone else once you send cash to somebody in a different country!

Which nations is Chipper accessible in?

Chipper can be obtained in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. This means you can send money to any one in these countries, immediately, and for free. Our team is focused on expanding our policy and we are constantly adding new nations. If you really want us to add a specific country soon please email our team at [email protected] and inform us which country and why.

Can you cancel a payment I have already sent?

Unfortunately no – the minute that you send a payment in Chipper, we send process the transaction instantly and debit the money from the accounts and make them available for your friend. Sorry about that!

If you would like to get the funds back, simply get your friend send you a payment for the same sum, or you can just request it straight back from them (that they will have to accept your request though).

Please note: if you sent a payment on a contact who doesn’t have Chipper, you’ll be able to cancel that payment by tapping the”Cancel this payment” button on the feed reflecting the payment.

This can only be done as long as the person you’ve sent it to has not signed up. When the signs up to Chipper with the phone number you sent the payment to, we’ll credit the funds to their accounts that you sent and at the point you will not have the ability to cancel the payment.

For additional information about a payment, please email reach out to our Customer Support staff at [email protected]

Can I utilize Chipper to send money to someone who hasn’t downloaded the Chipper app yet?

Yes you can! It’s possible to use Chipper to send cash to any telephone number. Earning money to somebody on Chipper is the same procedure as sending money to somebody who hasn’t established a Chipper wallet.

When you send money to someone who isn’t on Chipper (Payment Invitation), then we’ll send them a text message notifying them of your payment. This text message will include the payment amount, the payment note, and a link to get the Chipper app. Once the recipient downloads the Chipper app and signs up using the phone number they will locate your payment already credited to their Chipper wallet.

What do I do when I paid the incorrect person?

Send them a charge request for the same amount with a notice you sent by mistake.

In case you don’t hear back from them or need help sending a fee petition, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team at [email protected] We’d be happy to help!

I’ve multiple Mobile Money reports on different networks. Can I use all of them to finance my Chipper wallet?

Yes. You may connect several mobile money accounts for your Chipper wallet and use some of them to add cash to your Chipper wallet or to eliminate money from your Chipper wallet back to some of your cash accounts.

To add multiple mobile money accounts, go to the profile section of your Chipper wallet and select”Linked Accounts”.

What is the maximum amount of money I can send with Chipper?

When you register for Chipper, there are no limitations to how much money you can send per trade within the Chipper program. But, there are limits to how much money you can”Cash In” or”Cash Out”. These limits vary by state. To enquire on the constraints for every country, email us at [email protected]

Please note: these constraints may change from time to time in our discretion.

What’s my Chipper balance and how can I check it?

Your Chipper Balance is made up that you have received and that you haven’t transferred to your cellular money account. It is possible to see just how much money is by going to your profile page and looking under your profile picture.

When you make a payment, even if the sum of the payment is for greater than your available Chipper equilibrium, then you will find an”Insufficient Balance” notice. You will have to add more cash receive a payment from someone else, or in order to earn your payment.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re a Chipper user in Kenya and have KES 1,000 on your Chipper equilibrium and wish to pay a buddy KES 1,200. In this case, you will get an”Insufficient Balance” notice. In order to make this payment, you’ll need to add KES 200 out of your Airtel or even MPesa mobile money accounts, or get a payment of KES 200 or more from a buddy on Chipper.

What do I do if I receive a payment from a stranger?

You may simply send the payment back to the user with a note explaining that they compensated the individual, if you get a payment that you don’t understand.

Where do I find details about my transaction history?

To find a copy of your complete transaction history, please email us in [email protected] and one of our service team will take care of your request.

Can I set up automatic recurring payments or fee asks?

Chipper does not offer automatic payments or charge requests between customers at this moment.

Can I utilize Chipper to transfer money between two of my own payment procedures?

Yes you can use Chipper to Cash then and In from one of your money accounts that are mobile Money Out to one of your connected mobile money accounts.

Could I use Chipper to buy or sell product, products, or services?

We will be introducing a Chipper for Business package of solutions that will make it possible for you to use Chipper to cover goods or services using your Chipper wallet at merchants that accept the Chipper as a payment method or via cellular websites or programs that are accepted to offer Chipper as a payment option. If accessible, the option to pay using Chipper will look like a Chipper-branded payment button in checkout. When we present this support, we promote it accordingly and will notify all our customers.

Ehmmm guys? I don’t know what you think about my review , but if you have downloaded the app from your play store then do come back and give us your thought on the app and the 250 naira a woof per referral, I would really appreciate it .

Also sharing is caring don’t enjoy this info piece alone share what you read in as many media as possible………. Don’t forget to leave your referral link …….lol

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