How to use Amazon’s Alexa intercom feature

How to use Amazon’s Alexa intercom feature

Amazon’s Alexa intercom feature is a smart automation package every smart home should have. Anyone who has kids (or bothersome roommates) will be aware that it’s not too powerful to yell from room to room in your house, particularly if there are shut doors in the way. But, there is a way to get around this problem by using Amazon’s Alexa intercom feature

if you’ve got a few Echo devices available. Alexa lets you utilize those devices as intercoms employing a simple, built-in attribute named Drop-In.

The first step is to understand what every device in your house is called.

Open the Alexa program on your smartphone and tap”Devices” at the lower right corner. The Devices screen offers you an option on top of the display to view only Amazon devices on your network (the button labeled”Echo & Alexa”) or all the Alexa-enabled devices you’ve got. There’s a gap: Amazon devices let you use the”Drop-In” attribute to communicate with other rooms; additional Alexa devices, like the ones out of Sonos, don’t.
Tap”Echo & Alexa,” and you will see a list of Amazon devices; those who are offline will be tagged as such. Each device will have its own assigned name that you can use to direct your command. (By the way, if you do not like any of the assigned names, you can alter them right on this webpage. Tap on this device’s name. It’ll take you to a”Device Settings” page where you can select an”Edit Name” link directly under the device’s recent appellation.)
Once you know the title of this device that you want to phone, you may just use the command”Drop-in.” To talk to another room that has an Echo Dot called”Master Bedroom,” for instance, simply say something like, “Alexa, drop in on Master Bedroom.” The device in that area will chime and the mild, if any of it, will turn green. You will then have the ability to hear what’s going on through your device — and they’ll be able to hear what is going on in yours.
To stop the connection, state,” Alexa, hang up.” Amazon’s Alexa intercom feature

 Amazon's Alexa intercom feature
Amazon’s Alexa intercom feature


MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT with Amazon intercom feature

If you’re not interested in a conversation, then you can use the Announce attribute. This may send a message to all your Alexa-enabled devices, whether they’re from Amazon or not.

Say “Alexa, Announce.”
Alexa will ask what you want to say. State your message (“Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes” or”Zombies are nigh”) and all Alexa devices on your network will chime and play your message. make this article a must on “Amazon’s Alexa intercom feature” an do share your comments below


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