Xbox one x review: review of world best game console

Xbox one x review: review of world best game console


Xbox one x review: review of world best game console

For many years, Microsoft was working damage control, clawing its way back from the PR nightmare that was the 2013 reveal of Xbox One. The Big M’s current-gen console is together with Xbox Game Pass plus a raft of exclusives in the functions helping fill it with confidence as it heads toward Project Scarlett in 2020.

Xbox One X – or Project Scorpio as it had been famous for so long – is just one example of Microsoft reaffirming that Xbox is all about games. This is a premium machine with support for 4K and HDR straight from the box. It’s stronger, it’s quicker and it supports the next generation of film formats. It’s a monster and it is more than a game for PS4 Pro.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your Xbox setup. Make sure you check out the best Xbox One X bargains available, as you may be surprised to see just how affordable this console is now.

Xbox One X review
Xbox One X review

Last year, Sony’s PS4 Pro withdrew nairaguide off hardware-wise, with its 4.2 teraflops of computing power raising the gambling experience on Sony’s platform superbly, with higher resolutions and framerates, more particle effects, better physics, HDR and more brought to matches across the PlayStation library.

PS4 Pro continues to be cornering the market for a while today, and with more and more games being developed by this extra processing power and visual upgrade its record of software develops every month.


Both Sony and Microsoft’s console can output 4K, HDR resolutions, so determining which games you like (Forza Motorsport 7 or Gran Turismo GT, for example), just how much money you have to spend, and what multimedia capacities you need from the machine is crucial in choosing between the two.

Xbox One X is much better technically than the PS4 Pro, since it’s more strong and finds it a lot easier to drive native 4K gaming settlements. On the other hand, the PS4 Pro can also handle 4K, HDR gameplay also via some clever upscaling tech, so it is all dependent on your ecosystem preference, budget (that the PS4 Pro is #100 cheaper), and need to get an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, which the X comes equipped with.

Loaded with 6 teraflops of computing power (that is a 50 percent growth over the Pro), as well as HDR service, Dolby Atmos compatibility and a full-blown Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray participant, the Xbox One X isn’t merely the most effective video game console ever made so far, but also an incredibly nicely specced multi-media entertainment hub, which outstrips the PS4 Pro in flexibility. The X has not only repeated what the Pro achieved but has taken it to a new degree.


Concerning pure hardware, the Xbox One X is quite intriguing. Its 6 teraflops of horsepower is roughly equal to a mid to luxury PC gaming GPU, which on the marketplace now costs almost as much as the console itself. So, when you think about that along with its 6 teraflops of computing power that the Xbox One X comes with 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM, and contains a GPU engine that runs at 1172MHz, it seems a complete steal.

Really, to build a PC gaming system that has the same power as the Xbox One X will cost at least double the cost. Comparing the machine straight to a gaming PC is a little unfair though, with a more accurate barometer of its hardware power and value Sony’s top-of-the-line console, the PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro packs only over four teraflops into its larger chassis, making the Xbox One X 50% more powerful in a pure”Fight of the’flops” smackdown, but the system does retail for #100 less and always has, together with the console priced at #349.99 at launch. Additionally, we have to note here, that pure hardware specifications don’t always equate together with drivers programming and optimisation, to improved gaming performance in squeezing out the potential that is true, often key.

The only hardware area which seems unremarkable is the Xbox One X’s storage capabilities, with just a 1TB hard drive. This isn’t cripplingly low or anything, using that more than enough for 10 or so AAA games to be set up on the drive simultaneously, however considering that we have got accustomed to the S’s 2TB hard drive, it definitely felt like a downgrade.

Surprisingly, the Xbox One X packed all its power into a chassis that is, as we mentioned before, really smaller (30cm x 24cm x 6cm) compared to the Xbox One S which preceded it. Granted, to really see the difference you have to put the two consoles side-by-side, however, it is nice to know you won’t have to make some extra space on your AV shelf to accommodate Microsoft’s latest console entrance.

Concerning pure layout it is fascinating how Microsoft has toned back the console in the Xbox One X, using the machine a rather unmemorable, space grey-black box. This is almost definitely due to the change in demographic pitch because of this premium system, and while that’s almost certainly the right decision, as after all you would not want a garish plaything clashing with your high-end audio-video installation, we do believe that the design lacks a particular desire factor. It will unobtrusively slot between your Dolby Atmos decoder along with turntable amplifier.


There can be no denying the Xbox One X’s energy, with Microsoft’s new console effective at pushing out over a whopping 8 million HDR-equipped pixels.

Really, from what we’ve played thus far, matches look and sound better than they ever have before and, when the hardware is fed a title constructed intentionally to tap into its raw power, like Forza Motorsport 7, that the audio-visual experience is spectacular.

If you are considering pulling the trigger though, then you better be sure you’ve got the installation to fully appreciate the X before parting with your hard-earned cash.


April 10, 2019 – You can currently pick up the 1TB Xbox One X console for #386.91 at Amazon, and it is a marked price fall over its launch price. FPS fans would most likely be better off picking up the 1TB Xbox One X and Battlefield V bundle variant, though, which can be ringing in for just #389. Spend a few more quid and get a shooter to play on your console.

Over on eBay refurbished versions are going for between 300 and #350, while properly used systems with bundles of games can be picked up for a similar cost. The much sort after white 1TB Xbox One X console, employed, is likely for over #400, whereas the Project Scorpio Edition consoles vary in price from #280 to #330 depending on the requirement and the amount of bundled games.

The successor to the Xbox One X, that has already been dubbed the Xbox Two, is set for release no sooner than 2020, with one rumour indicating both Sony and Microsoft will pit their new consoles against every other at E3 2020. That would be where they are announced, though, with a release happening later in 2020, probably in the run-up to Christmas.

Therefore, we do not expect a price crash on the Xbox One X, as it has lots of time to run prior to a powerful console can usurp its position.

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