etekcity wifi smart scale review: all you need to know

etekcity wifi smart scale review: all you need to know

Etekcity WiFi Smart Scale Review

Today I am reviewing the Etekcity WiFi Smart Scale. I was planning to stop doing reviews for some time to concentrate on other things but this product looked really different from other reviews I had done previously so it was worth a go.

Stick around to see if this scale is actually for you, if you want to understand more about the item.

As soon as I tried it for the first time and I watched the worth popping on the display I immediately thought it was the result of black magic and made up numbers but it turns out that there is a scientific background to it. I discovered a fascinating video on Youtube with a short explanation that I think is worth watching.

It is based on precisely the same principle although it employs a scale that is different.

Main Features

The Etekcity WiFi Smart Scale is a connected scale with Bluetooth and Wifi that is able to quantify your weight but also other fascinating parameters like BMI, fat percentage, muscle percentage. As it uses electrical impulses to figure metrics that are different, these items are accurate to some degree and the makeup of each body is very different.

It is a fantastic incentive to keep you match by making you feel horrible about your existing shape!

Details at a Nutshell:

Screen: 8.2 inches. Pretty sizeable and may be read.
Connectivity: Wifi (2.4) and Bluetooth
Battery: 1000 Mah — Rechargeable using a USB cable (Charging period 5 Hrs)
App: VeSync
Max Weight: 400 lb/180 Kg

Etekcity WiFi Smart Scale - Image 1

App Configuration
1. Download the VeSync App from Google Play or Apple Store to start configuring the scale.

The very first thing you see when you open the app is a screen like the one. VeSync has other apparatus and all of them share the exact same app so this would develop into the visit place to find all the devices you have from the brand.

From that display, you can go right ahead and incorporate new device by clicking on the Plus sign on the top-right side of the screen.

At this point, you need to pick the actual device you would like to include, a scale, in this case.

Etekcity produces different versions of scales, the one I am using for this particular review is that the Etekcity WiFi Smart Scale (ESF00+). The name of these versions is not really tricky but it is essentially the one with the big screen and Wifi and Bluetooth because the options.

The approach is straightforward becuase you can see the image of the device next to the name of the model which makes the installation procedure very straight forward. You can go ahead and initiate the procedure that is syncing once you select the model of this scale.

I never believed I would say this on a product review but now is the time.

When you strike next, the scale will try to connect to a phone using Bluetooth so make sure it’s active and in scope for your scale.

The process only requires a few seconds and the scale is ready to be used straight away.

Having used several IoT goods I am with how easy the installation procedure is fairly surprised.

Personal Profile

The App will require some private information height and age so as to calculate metrics. You’ll be asked for this info the first time and it will do exactly the identical thing if you have other users on your home.

Wifi Connectivity

Wifi connectivity is vital because this feature lets you utilize the scale as soon as your phone isn’t within Bluetooth range. The metrics will be submitted into the VeSync cloud and downloaded into your phone once you open the program.

Open the Device configuration utilizing the equipment from the section of the display and hit on WIFI Connection.

After you select the SSID and the password, then that the device will link to the wireless of choice. Bear in mind that this scale simply suports 2.4 Ghz so if you merely use 5Ghz you will have to enable an extra band.

3rd Party Integrations
The VeSync Scale integrates seamlessly with Google Fit and FitBit programs. This can be convenient if you use these to track your fitness progress but I would find it interesting if it shared really of the metrics.

Google FIT Integration FitBit Integration
The only downside here is that VeSync shares fundamental metrics, fat and weight percent (the latter only for FitBit) so if you would like to track all the other metrics you will still need to use the native app.

At the part of the party integration I almost always advocate for Open Source integrations however to be honest, I don’t actually find a use in my house automation program.

User Experience
How does it function?

The scale runs on a rechargeable battery that can be charged using a USB port. I’ve been using it for 1 month daily and I have not needed to control it yet. The scale turns on when you step on it so the functioning of the battery should be quite great, and the procedure only lasts for a couple of seconds.

The process is simple, just step on the scale appearing forward and wait till the screen blinks 3 times, then it will show you all the indicators.

Body Metrics
After you measure down from the scale you will have the ability to observe some of the metrics directly on the display (weight, fat, muscle, water, and bone) but so as to observe all them, you will need to go into the program. Having said this, the ones that are essential are available on the LCD.

The Etekcity WiFi Smart Scale rates you on 12 different metrics, some of them well known like the weight or the body fat and some other people that I have never heard in my entire life like the Visceral Fat.

The aspect that I love is the explanation for each of those metrics becuase unless you are a fitness expert (not my case) most of the metrics won’t mean anything to you so that it helps a lot to understand on which aspects you are going off the charts.

Another part is that the graphs where you can monitor your progress along with its absence . I like that you build the graph based on it quite intuitively and can choose your choice’s metric.

Than others so with the chart that is selective is easy to track the progress you care about, I tend to look more into some metrics.

The connectivity is Bluetooth, right to your telephone as it is in wifi and range. The wifi is used to upload the steps straight to the VeSync cloud so when you log into your telephone the metrics become downloaded.

I am surprised about how secure is the connectivity, very easy to connect with both Bluetooth and Wifi and glitches that I have observed so far.

Accuracy And Consistency
Because I do not have medical gear to check the precision, the tests I can do on this section are restricted. I’ve tested largely 2 facets:

Consistency: Variation about the results after several sequential samples of the different metrics.
Accuracy: Accuracy just on the weight that is the only one I can actually quantify.
For the consistency evaluation, I have taken 10 samples and for all of these, I got almost precisely the very same results even placing the toes on positions so that is pretty good. Little variations on some of the dimensions.

It is good but not ideal when it comes to precision. There’s a deviation of 0.5 pounds or 226 grams. Having said this, considering that you are currently weighing a human, half a pound is probably not terrible.

It is definitely more accurate than the scale I had.

I could conclude the barbell had 0% fat that I figure is expected…

Multi-User Functionality
This is the part which I found the least intuitive. There is no method to specify who’s using it For those who have more than one user using the scale in your household. The scale determines the user in two ways:

Bluetooth link: It will take the user whose telephone is closer to this scale. This is a hit or miss if you reside in an apartment.
Manual Seleccion: When you consider your self, the metrics have been uploaded to the cloud and if you connect to the phone program it will ask you if some of the measure samples is yours. This is better but not bullet-proof when you’ve got users with physical markers that are very similar.
The Good and the Bad
Negative Things
Like any other apparatus, it isn’t perfect…

I wish you could customize the metrics that you see on the screen of the device, it emphasizes a whole lot the BMI Index but you may or may not care about that.

The method by which the scale grips several users is a bit peculiar to me, though, to be honest, I would not know a better way to execute it.

Because I am not a fitness pro I would appreciate some guidance or suggestions about ways to improve in a number of those values in which I am out of scope, I am still not sure how to enhance my numbers from the”Subcutaneous fat” measurement, for instance.

Positive Things
On the reverse side, there a few things I love from this scale, the very first one is certainly the app. I rarely enjoy a program for a device, they tend to be hard and convoluted to scan the data at a glance. The VeSync app has purposes but more than sufficient to get the most.

It is enlightening, the explanation for each one of the measurements is brief but useful and succinct. It provides another level of information outside of pure numbers.

It is quite appealing. It’s a big device sitting in your bathroom so appearance matters in this circumstance although I do not care about these things.

The screen is enormous and very easy to read you are half asleep once you weight yourself or which is great for those who have sight issues , such as me. The indication bars are very helpful and keep you motivated to improve.

The installation is simple and you can be up and running with it in just a couple of minutes so that you don’t need to be a tech guru.

The connectivity works amazingly well, I haven’t noticed any glitches so far, neither with Bluetooth nor with Wifi.

I have to say that a smart scale is all about the connected device I thought I would get, but now that I have it now, I find it is an excellent incentive.

They’re not a deal-breaker for me personally although it has a couple of things that are negative. It is by far not the cheapest option on the market but I like the size and also the specifics on the display.

Also, nearly all the scales onto a price point that is cheaper are Bluetooth and yet I kind of like the idea of getting wifi onto it so it doesn’t count on the smartphone.

After all, I feel the Etekcity WiFi Smart Scale is a product that is fantastic.

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